Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More tragedy and denial at West Gate Bridge

A four-year old girl died after being thrown from West Gate Bridge by her father (Melbourne 29 Jan 2009) .

Amazingly the Australian media is not interested in finding out why a father would do that. Most did not even mention the Family Court. Those that did glossed over with oblique references to an “ongoing custody battle.”

In fact the Federal Magistrates Court had ruled the previous day unfairly against the father.

The Federal Magistrates Court should not even have been involved. The matter should have been settled in a Family Relationship Centre backed up by a policy of a Presumption of Equal Parenting.
Surely if you want to understand you would investigate? But the media cowers to outrageous media censorship laws regarding coverage of Family Court system matters.

The Family Court system has blood on its hands once again. Family murders and family murder-suicides will continue as long as we fail to implement a policy of a Presumption of Equal Parenting Time.

This society is in a state of denial.

So what was the real cause of this tragedy?

a) because men are inherently violent (as hardline feminists have been indoctrinatng society for the last 40 years).

b) because the Family Court system is inherently unjust

Society will now try to drug the father in an attempt to prevent his suicide, so they can later him lock him up in jail. But he will suicide anyway.

About time we held an urgent Parliamentry Investigation as to why the Family Court system continues to kill people.


Man arrested after girl thrown from bridge
Posted Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:32am AEDT Updated Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:49pm AEDT

The girl was found in the water under the bridge. (AAP: Andrew Henshaw)
Map: Melbourne 3000

A 35-year-old Hawthorn man has been arrested after a young girl was thrown from the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne.

The girl, believed to be four years old, is in a critical condition in hospital after being dragged from the Yarra River about 9.15am (AEDT).

Police say witnesses reported seeing a man stop his white Landcruiser near the top of the bridge and throw the child over the side.

About 10 minutes later water police pulled the girl from the river near the Scienceworks Technology Museum, close to the Spotswood pumping station.

Paramedics then spent 45 minutes trying to revive her on the riverbank. She suffered life threatening injuries and was flown to the Royal Children's Hospital.

A man, believed to be the girl's father, was later arrested outside the court precinct in the city and is being questioned by police.

Police say he was with two other children, aged six and eight, and was visibly distressed.
Detective Inspector Steve Clark says the two children are with police and the mother of the injured girl has been informed.

"It's a dreadful set of circumstances, and often you think you've seen it all but you haven't," Det Insp Clark said.

"It's particularly distressing obviously for family members but for the witnesses who saw what occurred, a number of those people are upset and I've got a number of police here who have young children themselves, who have had to deal with it."

Police want witnesses to the incident to contact them.

Victorian Premier John Brumby says the incident is a terrible tragedy.

"It's such a horrible thing to happen to the child," he said.

"As a father I think, what are the circumstances that could possibly bring this about?

"I just shuddered when I heard about it, I think every Victorian, you just shudder, you just think, how can that happen?"

Yes indeed - how can that happen? But did you really think about it Premier Brumby?


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