Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Article has been censored after five months

The Online Opinion website at www.onlineopinion.com.au invited me to write about my experiences with divorce and the Family Court system.

I did this. The story was accepted and published in October 2006 along with a couple of other articles on this subject. Over time the article received about 40 comments from various readers.

On Monday 26th a reader known as "Liz" stated that she was familiar with my case, and stated that I had had two marriages and that I had "done the same to both wives" and added "shame on you Geoff." She said that she could publically humiliate me.

I responded suggesting that this person "Liz," whoever she was, was not directly acquainted with the background, and so was working on secondhand, possibly thirdhand or fourthhand information. I challenged her to make plain her gossip so that at least I could respond to it, but I added, it seems gossip and innuendo is safer than addressing the real issues.

By Tuesday 27th, the article and all comments had been removed from the Online Opinion website. Why ? Remove the comment by "Liz" by all means, but why remove my article which had been there for the last five months ?

I have asked the moderator of Online Opinion to explain what happened.

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