Sunday, March 18, 2007

Obtaining a transcript or audio recording of a Hearing

I have been communicating with the Family Court in Townsville.

The cost of receiving a complete transcript of my three-day "Final Hearing" in Feb 2005 would be about $3,000. So I requested an an audio copy on CD (ie without the need to transcribe).

Apparently an audio copy can be provided but one has to justify why they would like the copy. In my letter I said I was preparing an Appeal. The Registry Manager wrote back saying he was not satisfied with my reasons, but would allow me to listen to the recording only - at a cost of about $200.

He also said I could not even listen to the recording of when the judge handed down orders. Why not ? There may be some pertinent information here.

The court system is atrociously arbitrary and defensive.

There needs to be an independent monitoring agency to handle complaints and defend the rights of clients.

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