Thursday, May 31, 2007

"One size doesn't fit all"

The reason we can’t have a Presumption of Equal Parenting Time is because one size doesn’t fit all.

We are only concerned with the best interests of the child.

It is not good policy if we give dads 50% residency if they are working full time, and the mother is able to provide better care.


Well my son’s mother works full time, and sometimes works overtime and is sometimes on call. She sometimes picks our son up from school and takes him to her workplace until she finishes work.

I, on the other hand, have flexible work arrangements which I can tailor to my son’s needs (self-employed, work from home).

However, residency was given to the mother 68:32.


What is more, I would not like to reverse the situation 32:68 as I believe my son and his mum need adequate contact. 50:50 equal parenting is the obvious arrangement.

Had there been a Presumption of Equal Parenting Time, I believe we wouldn't have spent well over $40,000, countless wasted hours preparing affidavits and other documents, during two years of stress and amplified conflict, as we travelled through an absurd Family Court system.

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