Thursday, June 7, 2007

Case of Rob T - property settlement

I would like to include people's stories on this blogsite. Yes some are going to be one-sided. But there are outrageous injustices being perpetrated, and have been in the Family Court system in Australia for the last 30 years or more. When we document the stories, we see patterns that indicate where the system has failed.

"...I went into the marriage with two investment properties. I was pressured to sell one when funds became scarce, (and lost $30,000 in the process, only to see it raise $50,000 in value 6 months later).

"I still have one now which I am being pressured to sell and either pay child support for my step daughter, or hand over a percentage of the cash. Given I have owned that house since I was 21, why the hell should I give my ex-partner a cent?

"And for anyone who would say it's for the kids, I'm happy to sign it over in a trust fund for the kids, as long as my ex-partner has no access to it. She paid nothing toward that house, and berated me for the entirety of the five years we were together for keeping it.

"The funny thing is, she inherited 30% of an investment property while we were together. No mention has ever been made of taking that into account for a property settlement. But of course that is HER house. The one I have is OURS, (or so she says). "

Rob T.

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